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Felix Uribe's List of the Best Websites in Cybersecurity and Privacy

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1   Link   Bleeping Computer
Bleeping Computer® is a technical support site and a self-education tool for the novice user to learn basic concepts about Computer Technology.
2   Link   Government Security
Network security articles and hacking prevention resources for the government and general public. Covering all aspects of Computer Hacking, including tutorials and exploit downloads.
3   Link   Metasploit
Metasploit provides useful information and tools for penetration testers, security researchers, and IDS signature developers.
4   Link   The SecurityNewsPortal
The SecurityNewsPortal is a non-profit educational resource dedicated to providing the most comprehensive gathering of the latest news on security, viruses, trojans, hackers, hackings and other things of interest to security professionals.
5   Link   RootKitAnalytics
Rootkit Analytics [RkA] - the science of rootkit analysis, is a web-portal sculptured to enhance research, analysis and development of rootkit defense mechanisms.
6   Link   Microsoft Security
The Microsoft Windows security update addresses newly discovered issues with Microsoft programs.
7   Link   Trend Micro Malware Blog
Threat news and information on botnets, exploits, hacked sites, malicious sites, malware, etc.
8   Link   StopBadware
StopBadware provides tools and information that assist industry and policymakers in meeting their responsibility to protect users from badware, and that help users protect themselves.
9   Link   Krebs on Security
This blog feature posts on a number of recurring themes , including: Online Crime Investigations, Latest Threats, Security Updates, Data Breaches, and Cyber Justice.

10   Link   Paul's Security Weekly
The Security Weekly mission is to provide free content within the subject matter of IT security news, vulnerabilities, hacking, and research.
11   Link   Hot for Security
The blog on the sizzling world of computer security: a mix of steamy security stories and stimulating visuals to heat up the dynamic world of internet fraud, scams, malicious software – and gossip.
12   Link   Naked Security
Naked Security is Sophos's award-winning threat news room, giving you news, opinion, advice and research on computer security issues and the latest internet threats.
13   Link   Crypto-Gram
Crypto-Gram is a free monthly e-mail newsletter from security expert Bruce Schneier. Each issue is filled with interesting commentary, pointed critique, and serious debate about security.
14   Link   SecureMac
This site is devoted to the security of your Macintosh computer and the programs or servers you run on it. SecureMac started in February of 1999. Over the past years we have served thousands of people, helping them secure their networks and detect hackers.
15   Link   Gizmo's Freeware Security Tools
Gizmo's Freeware Security Tools
16   Link   MalwareJake
Ramblings about security, rants about insecurity, occasional notes about reverse engineering, and of course, musings about malware. What more could you ask for?
17   Link   IT
IT Security is a news and information publication covering all aspects of the IT Security marketplace.
18   Link   KnowBe4
Learn about the most current cybercrime tactics, cyberheists schemes and scams.
19   Link   The H Security
Security Blog.
20   Link   David Lacey's IT Security Blog
The latest ideas, best practices, and business issues associated with managing security.
21   Link   Information Security Buzz
Information Security Buzz is an independent resource that provides the best in breaking news for the information security community.
22   Link   Kahu Security
Kahu Security highlights security projects and research that may include references to malicious content. Your use of this website is at your own risk.
23   Link   Symantec Security Response
Symantec Security Response provides customers with comprehensive, global, 24X7 Internet security expertise to guard against today's complex Internet threats.
24   Link   E Hacking News
EHN delivers the latest news updates related to Security breach, Cyber Crime, vulnerability, Cyber Security and Penetration testing tools and more.
25   Link   Threatpost
Threatpost, The Kaspersky Lab security news service, is an independent news site which is a leading source of information about IT and business security for hundreds of thousands of professionals worldwide.
26   Link   Data Breach Today
DataBreachToday is a multi-media website published by Information Security Media Group, Corp. (ISMG), a company specializing in coverage of information security, risk management, privacy and fraud.
27   Link   Mayhemic Labs
Mayhemic Labs is an independent security research team whose primary goal is "to do cool stuff." Among their specialties are vulnerability and malware research, penetration testing, reverse engineering, breaking fault tolerant systems, cloud security, static software analysis, code development, surveillance and counter-surveillance, and business logic attacks.
28   Link
A compilation of data breaches and cybersecurity information.
29   Link
A blog on information security.
30   Link   MalwareTips
MalwareTips is a free community where people like yourself come together to discuss and learn about PC security and computers.
31   Link   Google Online Security Blog
The latest news and insights from Google on security and safety on the Internet.
32   Link   Facebook Security
Facebook Security provides you with the information you need to protect your information both on and off Facebook.
33   Link   ForenseTic
34   Link   The Guardian Information Security
35   Link   Contagio Malware Dump
A collection of the latest samples, threats, observations, and analyses. Get informed technical education on the newest forms of malware.
36   Link   CyberCrime & Doing Time
A blog about cybercrime and related justice issues.
37   Link   Security Bistro
News and analysis of the latest cyber attacks, security threats, network security, mobile security, data protection and much more.
38   Link   IT Security Column
This is an IT security blog that features general knowledge of IT security, online crime news, tips on how to deal with online and computer threats, listing of information security threats and defenses, and security software reviews.
39   Link   Dave Waterson on Security
Dave Waterson is an IT security technologist and inventor of patented security technology in the anti-key logging and anti-phishing fields.
40   Link
Observations, musings and conjecture about the world of software and technology.
41   Link   S!Ri.URZ
This blog has been on the cyber security scene since as far back as 2006. The blog covers malware, rogues, ransomeware and everything else related to cyber security.
42   Link   Fortinet Blog
The Fortinet cyber security blog has something for everyone. There are articles on security research and industry trends, as well as, a healthy section focusing entirely on Security 101.
43   Link   Sucuri Blog
Sucuri knows all about malware and WordPress security. It’s what they do. You’ll find no shortage of expert advise on how to secure your WordPress site and keep it malware-free.
44   Link   ThreatTrack Security
Threat Track Security’s IT blog has its thumb on the pulse of the industry. Whether you are in the IT industry or not, if you are interested in security, this blog is for you.
45   Link   Fscked
"We Reject: Kings, Presidents and Voting. We Believe in: Rough Consensus and Running Code."
46   Link   The IT Security Guru
The IT Security Guru offers a daily news digest of all the best breaking IT security news stories first thing in the morning!
47   Link   Null Byte
Null Byte is a world for anyone interested in hacking, science, networking, social engineering, security, and getting root.
48   Link   The Hacker News
The Hacker News (THN) is a privately owned Indian company based out of New Delhi, India and has been providing training and knowledge-based solutions since October 2011.
49   Link   The Security Skeptic
The Security Skeptic blogs about all matters related to Internet Security, from domain names (DNS), firewalls and network security to phishing, malware and social engineering.
50   Link   TrustedSec News and Events (Blog)
A blog from the TrustedSec LLC. Their mission is to change the security industry for the better and help organizations defend against threats of all kind.
51   Link   Nir Valtman
A blog by Nir Valtman, Security Leader, Lecturer & Entrepreneur.
52   Link   Security Affairs
A cyberblog by Pierluigi Paganini.
53   Link   Offensive Security Blog
A blog from Offensive Security.
54   Link   DarkMatters
A brog from Norse dedicated to delivering live, accurate and unique attack intelligence.
55   Link   Security Architecture is the collective work of a small team of security experts whose work includes providing security services and training.
56   Link   Passcode
Modern field guide to security and privacy from The Christian Science Monitor
57   Link   SenseCy Blog
SenseCy aims to serve as a one-stop shop for all cyber intelligence needs.
58   Link   Security is Sexy
Most security news is about insecurity, hacking and cyber threats, bordering on scary. But when security is done right, it's a beautiful even. Security IS sexy.
59   Link   Shtetl-Optimized
The Blog of Scott Aaronson
60   Link   MalwareTech
61   Link   A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering
Some random thoughts about crypto. Notes from a course I teach. Pictures of my dachshund
62   Link   Data Breaches
This site began life in 2009 as a spinoff from after the number of breaches in 2008 made me realize I needed a separate site just for breaches.
63   Link
64   Link   Paraben Forensic Blog
Paraben Blog.

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