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Felix Uribe's List of the Best Websites in Cybersecurity and Privacy

The classification of Internet of Things (IoT) devices Based on their impact on Living Things (Paper)


Home Disclaimer

I am providing these links as a service to those seeking information on security tools, services and news. I have not fully evaluated some of the websites and tools listed here. The descriptive text is generally taken from the website's own literature.

The user of the security tools I have listed has the ultimate responsibility to ensure that the product is suitable for its intended use. Please follow the links provided to obtain more detailed information on a particular website or tool. I have taken strict precautions to provide "safe" and "clean" links. I will not knowingly provide a link to a site which I believe contains dangerous active content or questionable privacy policies. Nevertheless, I can't guarantee the safety of all links provided.

I try to maintain the site updated as much as I can. You can help me out by suggesting new websites or reporting a broken link.

Thank you All!

Felix Uribe
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Cibersecurity, Privacy and the Internet of Things (IoT) - Internet Society WEBINAR


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